Cedric Scheibel

Name: Cedric Scheibel
Age: 22 (July 5, 1996)
Specialty: Melodic Techno & Goa Music

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Cedric Scheibel is a young DJ from Tübingen. With long and versatile sets he played himself trough the electronic music scene in and around Tübingen. Besides the Club 27 he also got the chance to play at the massive and famous Lehmann club in Stuttgart.

While his sound is actually characterized by brute and driving techno he has always lived out his affection for the psychedelic facets of Goa music.

With the harmonious and creative combination of beautiful melodies and oppressive basses, Cedric created his own individual style and was able to expand his musical reach. A result of that were many gigs along big artists like Captain Hook, Neelix and Astrix and on festivals like the Connect! and Fuchs und Hase Festival.

Find more about his Sound at the Artist’s Soundcloud Page