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Artist Name: Emir Kaynak
Real Name: Emir Kaynak
Country: Turkey
Age: Unknown
Specialty: Melodic/Progressive House

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Original Releases on Inner Shah

[018] Emir Kaynak – Rising 90 [EP]

About him

Emir Kaynak is a Turkish DJ & Producer. For him information is an illusion, only trust your ears, and we are happy to treat our ears with his music. With a long history of gigs in some of the best locations in Turkey, playing alongside key names of the industry, the Artist had the desire to take his artist project further and produce what he thought the dancefloors were missing.

His growing catalog of Progressive and Melodic music is quite recent, but already features originals and remixes for labels like VIAGE, Sunset Dreams (Interflow) and Human Resources.

His debut release on Inner Shah was Rising 90, in December 2020, featuring remixes by label owner Madd Rod and the label’s mastering engineer Gabriel Carminatti.

Listen to his Rising 90 EP released on Inner Shah