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Original Releases on Inner Shah

[019] SIS – Devran [EP]

[NFT1] SIS – Ndugu [NFT]

Bio (as of July 18, 2022)

There is a wild unbridled energy to SIS. With Turkish genes and a German upbringing, his music was influenced by the raw intense sessions of his father’s band, where bearded men of sweat created hypnotic rhythms and intoxicating folk. It was a dancefloor epiphany that led SIS to discover DJ culture and techno, and soon he was DJing in basement clubs in Frankfurt and Mannheim. SIS’ yearning to express his wild, untapped thoughts drove him to music production, where he quickly honed a unique House Music style influenced, not by contemporary club music trends, but by raw musicality and flickers of his colorful past, global ancestry, and intense personality.

Success soon came. Following a series of international club hits like ‘Nesrib’ and ‘Trompeta’, released on Ricardo Villalobos’ label. In 2008, Germany’s Groove Magazine named SIS ‘Producer of the Year. Riding a wave of hype, SIS continued to grow and evolve into one of electronic music’s most prolific producers, DJs, and live acts, and became a resident of Cocoon club night in Ibiza’s Amnesia, launched his own label Cocolino and began hosting regular nights at Berlin’s Watergate club. SIS, who is considered the pioneer of the Burning Man sounds, continues his quest to entertain global dancefloors with his unique live shows and hedonistic DJ sets.

He is playing actively in Playa Del Carmen, Miami and Tulum including for Circoloco and he continues growing his musical discography.

Hit play to come into the mystic SIS’ world!

Listen to his Devran EP released on Inner Shah