Inner Shah proudly unveils its first release date: Madd Rod‘s debut EP named ‘Dust & Stones’ will come out on the 19th of February across all relevant digital stores/streaming services.

Starting our journey with an ethereal deep house track with Arabic-flavoured guitars and an unrecognizable Fado background sample (which explains the name of the track, ‘Forgotten Fado’), Madd Rod prepares us for what’s to come next: 2 deep/melodic techno tunes (‘Flying Horse’ and ‘Camel Warrior’) with a bassline heavy enough to drive even the lamest crowd nuts.

We know you don’t want to wait for so long for the 3-tracker release so we set everything up for it to come out on Beatport two weeks earlier.

We also partnered with the flawless Belgian underground music magazine Tanzgemeinschaft for an exclusive premiere of the 3rd track, so make sure you check it soon!