George Ledakis (DJ & Producer)


Hello George! Hope all is good over there in Cape Town! Are you playing over there?


George: Hello Rodrigo! Everything is cool… it’s summer, it can’t get better! I’m a resident DJ at Café Caprice and I’m playing as a guest DJ in other venues, for 3 months per year (almost every year).


That is great news! We are very excited with your upcoming release. Can you tell us your inspirations for “Red Dunes”?


George: I have travelled to some places with this oriental style of music. When I went to Namibia last year and went to the desert, that was something… I decided that I had to make a track that could transport you and make you feel like you are in the desert. You know? It inspired me so much, the dunes there… It’s majestic! When I came back to Greece it was very easy for everything to come together. I think the track has a classic touch too, while being a combination of these oriental, melodic and house vibes with groove. We wanted it to transport the listener to some other place, you know?


This collaboration with Xiasou is definitely not the first. How did you guys meet and when did you start producing together? 


George: Oh Xiasou, he’s my mate, he’s my partner and everything began at least 6 years ago. We had a mutual friend who said “George you have to meet Alex because you have the same way of thinking and maybe you gonna make a good team“, so I met him and since the first time in the studio, we have this special connection which you can see because when I’m making my music, it’s different; when he’s making his music, it’s different; but when we make something together, it’s always unique and the chemistry is always the best.


Do you limit your special connection to the studio or do you also play together often? 


George: We talk everyday, we are friends and give advice to each other. But most of the time we spend together is in the studio. We spend a lot of hours together making music, we’d start at 7 pm and finish at about 6 am or 7 am, you know? It’s flowing! The best time we have together is in the studio, we enjoy it!


How’s the local scene in Greece and how does it influence your music?


George: The local scene in Greece does not influence my music. I’m just following my path, me and Alex, and we are trying to make something different from the main scene, which is more commercial music and it is not the music we do. We are more inspired by other markets and other places around the world.


What are your goals for this year besides the success of ‘Red Dunes’? 


George: *gasps* the goals, well it never ends. The main thing is to make good music and have positive feedback. Now mind is just ‘Red Dunes’ all the way, it is the first goal for 2020 and I hope it will be the best and have of course great success. Thank you for the interview and cheers mate!


Thank you for your time and once again for choosing Inner Shah to release this banger!


The single is coming out on February 24th and 2 weeks before that as a Beatport exclusive, with an official premiere on Melodic Deep. You can check a snippet of it here: