Madd Rod & Cedric Scheibel - Pit Viper Single Artwork - Inner Shah Recordings

Madd Rod & Cedric Scheibel present Pit Viper!

The Label founder,  Madd Rod, finally puts out his collab with the German DJ, pianist and producer Cedric Scheibel.

“When I arrived in Tübingen, I got quit quickly into the local scene, and I’ve met lots of bartenders, promoters and club owners. Lots of different people told me that I should meet Cedric Scheibel, and so I invited him to come to my house to try to produce something. We ran through some old projects that I had and then I found this one I was stuck with (only had half of the melody). We got along pretty well and after finishing the track in that day, we’ve done some gigs together and when I launched Inner Shah in December, I knew he would have to be part of it.” – Madd Rod on Tanzgemeinschaft (July 2nd, 2018).

Listen to the premiere, uploaded by Tanzgemeinschaft:

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