Rodrigo Pinheiro also known as Madd Rod

Artist Name: Madd Rod
Real Name: Rodrigo Pinheiro
Country: Portugal
Age: 24
Specialty: Melodic Techno / Organic Deep House

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Original Releases on Inner Shah

[028] Various Artists – Exotica [Compilation]
[020] Madd Rod & Magupi – Memoria [EP]
[017] Madd Rod – Dystopian Desert Remixed [EP]
[016] Madd Rod – Potens (Rafael Cerato Remix) [Single]
[013] Madd Rod – Dystopian Desert [Album]
[010] Madd Rod – Narmer [Single]
[008] Madd Rod – This Place [Single]
[007] Madd Rod – The Chase [EP]
[005] Madd Rod – The Tracks of Tatacoa [Single]
[004] Madd Rod – Hitchhiking Through Barren Lands [Single]
[003] Madd Rod & Cedric Scheibel – Pit Viper [Single]
[001] Madd Rod – Dust & Stones [EP]

Remixes on Inner Shah

[027] Leo Sagrado – AVIV (Madd Rod Remix)
[024] Maetim – Mooliva (Madd Rod Remix)
[023] Cedric Scheibel – Forest in the Ocean (Madd Rod Remix)
[021] George Ledakis & Xiasou – Red Dunes (Madd Rod Remix)
[019] SIS – Devran (Madd Rod Remix)
[018] Emir Kaynak – Rising 90 (Madd Rod Remix)
[015] Gran Cari – Nautilus (Madd Rod Remix)
[011] Forest Louche – Bring Me The Future (Madd Rod ‘Day Dream’ Remix)
[006] RUBIUM – Chaac (Madd Rod ‘Afro Touch’ Remix)

Bio (as of Jan 2, 2021)

Madd Rod’s vision of music comes from his early-developed curiosity, which has made the artist explore different soundscapes while finding his musical identity. For him, music is much more than an assembling of sounds: it is a constant reminder of the experiences he has lived through it.

Rodrigo was born in Lisbon and raised in its outskirts, being inevitably influenced by this intriguing melting pot. His music is a reflection of this mess, mixing a fresh technological sound design with traditional elements from ancient cultures.

In 2017, right after releasing ‘Afraid to Love’ on Alex Ferrer’s Deeplomatic Recordings, the artist moved to Tübingen, in the South of Germany, where he started to dig deeper into the realms of Melodic House & Techno. There he launched his first label, Inner Shah Recordings, and found a receptive crowd with whom he could field-test his Melodic Techno tracks. He also met like-minded artists like Cedric Scheibel, with whom he shared the booth in the label’s debut event and produced his first collaboration – Pit Viper.

In 2019, the artist decided to focus all of his efforts on music, achieving key milestones which motivated him to go further. Two months after warming up for Oxia at Ministerium (Lisbon), Rod flew to Germany to headline Electric Sundown Festival, where he could field-test his ‘The Chase’ EP with his favorite crowd. During that Summer of 2019, he started his residency at The Lounge Vale do Lobo, where a growing audience keeps coming back for his eclectic sets of Organic House, Downtempo, and Melodic House.

After the busy summer, the artist went on his first tour, during which he met like-minded artists on a short halt at ADE and started producing the first tracks of his first studio album. During this tour, the artist played gigs in Lisbon, Berlin, Tübingen, Paris, and Lisbon again.

In 2020, the artist joined forces with the Lisbon-based Live Agency, with whom he launched VIAGE, his second record label, where he released his No One’s Fault EP and Belderone EP, together with RUBIUM, as well as a remix for the Brazilian rising star Mila Journée.

His first album ‘Dystopian Desert’ was released on Inner Shah on July 31st, 2020, and got its second round with its versatile EP of remixes, out on November 20th, 2020. The EP includes remixes by Rafael Cerato, Dizharmonia, Modeplex, To Ricciardi, Mila Journée, and Kishan.