Rodrigo Pinheiro also known as Madd Rod

Artist Name: Madd Rod
Real Name: Rodrigo Pinheiro
Age: 21 (Sep 3, 1997)
Specialty: Afro / Progressive / Melodic Techno / Electronica

For Bookings:
(+351) 962906903

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Lisbon is an intriguing melting pot where a rich past of discoveries mixes up with new trends and ideas coming from all over the globe. This city of cobbled streets and improvised multilingualism saw Rodrigo Pinheiro born, grow and take over the decks for the very first time.
Through a constant mutation of his sound and short seasons in Algarve – where he held 2 summer residencies –, and Tübingen (Germany) – where he launched his label –, the Portuguese DJ and producer met new people and found new music who influenced his taste and sound. Like his birth city, his music is also a melting pot: expect melodic progressions mixed up with heavy drums or the groove of House.


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