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December 7th, 2017 will definitely not come in any History books, but if a niche for suspicious music ever blows, people will know it was the day Madd Rod launched Inner Shah Recordings.

Being the new guy with fresh ideas arriving to Tübingen, Germany, to study, he met his first music producer friends, that vouched the idea of launching his label. With no graphic design skills, no sense of a musical direction and absolutely NO BUDGET $$$, Madd Rod somehow thought he had what he needed to put this DIY project out.

After coming up with the name — due to an old obsession with the Arabic scale and Middle Eastern music —, designing the first logo — a Playmobil-like take on Nader Shah, an emperor of Persia that had been sold as a slave during childhood by his own mom —, Rod organized the first releases by himself, Bernardo Mota and Cedric Scheibel and threw the first label night with the latter at Kuckuck WHO (Tübingen, Germany).

The years went by and more international acts started taking the label seriously and trusted Rod with their productions. A few popularity spikes, countless supports, niche-hits and a Hollywood synchronization solved the budget situation and enabled a step-up for the label.

No longer a lone wolf, the Inner Shah team now also counts with the support of Gabriel Carminatti on the Masters and Avelino Resende on the Artworks, repositioning the label that was once a vague project as a trusted source of quality timeless music for hordes of eclectic DJs around the world.