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The Label Head, Rodrigo Pinheiro.
Rodrigo Pinheiro

Label Head, Graphic Designer, A&R, DJ, Producer and an amazing cook based in Lisbon.

December 7th, 2017 will probably not be a day that will come in History books, but it an historic event took place in that day: Rodrigo Pinheiro launchedΒ Inner Shah Recordings.


While the label does not focus on aΒ very specific single genre, we do focus on aΒ very specific sound, and the sound we aim for is the one that can make you travel. Our artists make use of oriental flutes, tribal drums, emotional chord progressions, melancholic arpeggios and deep bass lines to deliver a journey.


Hold the reins of your camel and enjoy the ride!

What We Do
  • Release Music
  • Promote Artists
  • Organize Events
  • Manage Artists
  • Publish Podcasts